Exploring the Local Landscape with DPH

For this activity, I chose to explore my local landscape of with Clio.  Generally, it showed me what I expected.  Once it picked up on my local area, it brought up several pins of historic locations throughout the DC metro area on a Google Map.  The closest were located in historic Occoquan, VA.  When I clicked on those pins, it showed me the historical marker designating that spot, as well as gave a history of the location, images related to the location, sources, and additional links.  It also gave the information of who input that information and when, so pins can be updated based on new exhibits or information.  It was a fun, basic mobile site to play with in my local area, but it didn’t do anything extra, such as overlay historic images on current locations.  This project definitely believes in the idea of crowdsourcing public history, allowing individuals to add and edit information on each location, while being vetted by the project administrators.  I can definitely see how this project can grow as technology and interest increase, but as of right now, it’s a simple mobile history project.

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