Student Project Response

This assignment was nice because I got to watch and listen how other students worked their ways through creating their digital projects.  Erin Bush’s project encompassed an entire semester of reading and analyzing documents and how those were impacted by that point in history.  One day I wish to be able to create courses like that, especially using Sam Wineburg’s approaches.  Nate Sleeter was informative, largely due to that he owns up to the fact it’s not exactly how he would’ve imagined it and it’s harder to explain the breakdown of how we think as historians to students than he originally thought.  Sleeter is honest and that’s refreshing as I start to really focus my project and how I want my students to think about the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Jeri Wieringa and Celeste Sharpe had a project on a much larger scale, but they still underwent the same process of drafting and asking “how much work is too much, both on the students and us?”  I think the overwhelming advice was to break down how historians think about things, so we can better teach the students how to critically think, as well as to draft and re-draft, while honing in on the final message to present.

I will absolutely take their advice into consideration as I really start to hone in on my final message for my project.  I’ll keep rethinking how things are explained and presented for my students, while also trying to give them the best chances for thinking critically about the information.

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