Sixth Piece of the Puzzle

For my final project, I want to present the Cold War to my students in a geographic format, allowing them to research the events, people, and places of the Cold War through a map.  In the greater picture, I’d love to make this about the Cold War as a whole, starting with the formation of the Soviet Union and stretching to its collapse.  Due to the time constraints of this course, I will be focusing on a small piece to start with: the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Many students don’t realize the importance of the Cuban Missile Crisis, they simply associate it as an event of the Cold War they are required to memorize.  I want them to know where the major players in the Cuban Missile Crisis were, and why the Soviet Union was so upset about the U.S. missiles in Turkey, and why the U.S. got so upset about the Soviet missiles in Cuba.  The students will be able to see all of this through a map format, with information linked to specific places.  When they are done looking through the map, they will have to write a thesis statement and an essay response on who they think was more to blame for the Cuban Missile Crisis: the U.S. or Soviet Union.

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