Smithsonian Digital Internship, November 2016

This year, I’m digitally interning with the Smithsonian Magazine.

So far, I have worked on two major projects.  The first project was about Columbus Day, its origins and how it’s celebrated today.  I created a digital timeline, using Timeline JS, to demonstrate the history of Columbus Day and its celebrations.  That was then embedded into an article on, titled “The Timeline History of Celebrating (and not Celebrating) Columbus Day.”

Then I’ve spent about three weeks working on my second project.  My second project was about women gaining the right to vote in the United States.  Using StoryMap to create a map timeline of women gaining the franchise throughout the United States, starting in the colonial period and through to the modern era.

Through both of my projects so far, I have used digital tools to propose, research, and create for the internship.  I have had quite a bit of creative freedom in what I want to study and how I choose to write about and create my projects.  I have enjoyed this freedom to create, especially coming from teaching, where I have a set curriculum to fulfill.

Even though this is a digital internship, I have regular contact with my advisor.  We use Slack and email to communicate regularly, with phone check-ins once every couple of weeks.  I wish that I did have more face-to-face time, to feel connected to the office, but otherwise, I feel good about the digital internship.  The digital internship allows me to continue teaching while also completing this internship.  I look forward to my next projects.