Defining Digital Humanities

Digital humanities represents the combination of the analog humanities with the ever-evolving technology involved in our world.  This field combines many different types of intellectuals and scholars in order to present the best of every field.  Computer gurus and historians can combine their talents for a digital version of a project that can be distributed amongst the masses while opening it up for further collaboration and communication.  Digital humanities encompasses so many different disciplines, but the goal remains the same: sharing, interpreting, analyzing, communicating, editing, and so much more, of the information and data that makes up each discipline.

Digital humanities has been a collaborative and a team effort since its inception.  It combines the efforts of technology and web specialists with the efforts of scholars and educators to disseminate information to the public, while also creating an open system of communication between the intellectuals and general public.  The field itself is vague because there are so many different facets that create it.  The projects that digital humanities fields and creates include many different disciplines and key players.