Target Audience Personas

Rebecca Holgate Crew
Name: Rachel Jones
Demographic: White, American female Mid-twenties Middle class Single, with no children Full-time Engineer, rows when able
Descriptive Title: Working Adult, Missing Rowing
Quote: Life can be pretty hectic at times. Rowing keeps me grounded.
A Day in a Life Narrative:

Rachel goes to work at her engineering firm every day. She works with water treatment plants to keep the water clean and safe. When she gets off work, she tries to go to the gym about five times a week, using an ergometer (rowing machine) to work on her cardio fitness. In her other free time, she enjoys exploring her city with her dog and friends.
End Goals:

Rachel would like to get back into rowing on the water, for physical and mental purposes.
William Swain Coaching
Name: William Smith
Demographic: White, American male Mid-twenties Middle class Single, with no children College student, part time job
Descriptive Title: High School Rowing Coach
Quote: Discipline. If my coach tells me to do something, you do it.
A Day in a Life Narrative:

William coaches six days a week (Monday-Saturday), and he tries to go rowing, himself, at least three times a week. Will goes to class in the early morning, work in the late morning and early afternoon, then goes to coach in the evening. He enjoys coaching young men in the evenings, and then being able to go rowing. On Saturdays in the spring, he gets to watch his rowers compete against other high school rowers.
End Goals:

William wants to row well and enjoy his time on the water. He wants to be able to have a hobby outside of work and school to help him de-stress. He enjoys coaching, and wants to help others improve their rowing skills. He also would like to stay physically fit through rowing. William enjoys the camaraderie of being part of a team, whether coaching or as a teammate himself.
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