Digital Public History Introduction

So here’s a little bit of information about me.  I have my Bachelors in Arts in History from Old Dominion University.  I have my Masters in Arts in History, Applied, from George Mason University.  I am currently in the graduate certificate program for Digital Public Humanities at George Mason University.  My concentration in History has been focused on American history, specifically pre-, during-, and post- Civil War history.

My background in Digital Humanities is limited.  This is my second semester in the program, so I feel like I’m just starting to get my feet under me, so to speak.  I’ve been highly interested in digital public history for several years now, when the idea took hold of me that the past, present, and future can be merged thanks to technology.  Technology helps make the history so much more accessible than just the individual artifact or document was in its standard form.  For example, when a letter from the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers gets transcribed and uploaded online, it instantly becomes accessible throughout the world, not just in the Eleanor Roosevelt Papers archive.  I think bringing history to so many more people through the digital era is amazing and fascinating.  I want to learn more about it and become an active participant in that digitization.

My learning goals for the semester include more applicable skills for handling the digital public history.  I know how to handle the actual artifacts, but how can we make them accessible to the masses, in more than just an archive or museum.  How can technological growth be applied to the public history world?  My goals are to come out of this course with increased knowledge and skills in regards to public history.

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