Rowing to Greatness Project Update, Module 7

This week, the work has been more offline than it has online.  I have edited some of the items in my exhibit with further details as I have found them.  I have spent quite a bit of time working on biographies (offline) of the individual rowers and coaches that formed the team.  After working with the oral histories from this week’s module, I’m excited to use OHMS for my own oral histories in my project.  Tentatively, I want to add them to the project now using OHMS.  I’ll have to see how they incorporate into Omeka with the OHMS plug-in.

I am still struggling with the pesky copyright issue on photographs, but I will continue my search.  I have still not had the chance to add the Omeka plug ins from the past few weeks, partially out of my fear and frustration from the first several times I tried adding them.  I’ll try to gain courage in this next week to continue working with them.

My next steps include wrapping up the amount of items in my exhibit, transcribing and archiving the oral histories I have, adding the biographies to my online exhibit, and adding the Omeka plug ins (I’ll get the courage to do it!).

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