Rowing to Greatness Project Update Module 6

As Rowing to Greatness continues, I am compiling and adding new resources, such as images and audio files of the rowers.  I will continue to compile these resources over the next several weeks to keep making my project better.

I am still struggling with the Omeka plug-in for Universal Viewer, so that I can be able to upload video and audio of the rowers.  It would also be beneficial when it comes to collaboration with users, if they were able to upload their own audio and video.  Hopefully, I can get that working soon.  After this week’s readings, I’m also concerned about making the site as user-friendly as possible, especially the user contribution section.  I’ll keep looking into ways to make it so.

My next steps on the project include continuing to add more resources and clean up the exhibit, in order to make it more appealing.  I also need to map the sites of the rowers races and travel through the United States and into Europe for the Berlin Olympics.  I will also spend more time with the Omeka Universal Viewer plug-in in order to get it working.


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