Smithsonian Digital Internship, April 2017

I can’t believe this internship will be over soon!

I’ve continued working on the podcast project from last month, into this month. It’s just about done, but now it’s about fine-tuning it. I narrowed the list of historical podcasts from about 200 down to about 75, with at least one in every state. I then used Carto to map the podcasts, choosing which information to display. We decided against making it a story map, instead letting the user browse through the map at their own leisure instead of guiding them one way or another. Now it’s down to editing the texts of the introduction and the descriptions of each podcast.

It has still been a struggle to maintain balance between the amount of time needed for my full-time job teaching and my internship needs, but some days are better than others. Communication still seems to be a difficult point in my internship, but otherwise, I’m pleased with all of the new things I’m learning about the digital humanities. It’s time consuming, but valuable, to learn new skills, like HTML, which has helped in creating and understanding my projects. I’ve started working with one of the writers from the magazine, and she’s helped advise me through my podcast project. It’s been nice to have another set of advice moving me through the creative process. As the internship winds down over the next month or so, I’ll be excited to see how things end up.


  1. Coli Sylla says:


    This is Coli Sylla, host of Where I’m From, a podcast based on Philly. I just wanted to thank you for mentioning my podcast in your April 18th article about addictive podcasts. That was actually my birthday and I just so happened to discover it while doing my monthly analytics for my site! You rock!

    • Rebeca Coleman says:

      Coli, Thanks for reaching out! I’ve really enjoyed listening to your podcast! That actually published the day after my birthday, so I’m really glad you got a birthday smile out of that too!

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