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Exploring the Local Landscape with DPH

For this activity, I chose to explore my local landscape of with Clio.  Generally, it showed me what I expected.  Once it picked up on my local area, it brought up several pins of historic locations throughout the DC metro area on a Google Map.  The closest were located in historic Occoquan, VA.  When I …

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Oral History Metadata Synchronizer

The University of Kentucky created an Oral History Metadata Synchronizer (OHMS) in order for users to add metadata to oral histories.  It has created multiple tutorials and guides to make using the site more user friendly.  It allows the user to not only add metadata, but also to add transcripts and tags.  Audio and video can …

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Doing Digital Humanities

When I started with my digital humanities project of mapping the rowing programs of the United States, I knew it would be a large under-taking. I just had this desire to map the rowing programs of the U.S., and allow it to demonstrate the different types of programs, since that didn’t exist.

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