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The Process of Digital History

Over the course of the semester, we have built digital public history projects from the ground up, so to speak.  We created an idea for a project, prototyped it, storyboarded it, and actually created the digital exhibit.  There were headaches and tears, learning curves, far too many Cokes and candy bars consumed, and, ultimately, celebrations …

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Rowing to Greatness, Module 8 Update

This week, I’ve continued gathering information for my project.  I’ll continue to gather more information and artifacts and build my exhibit over the next week. The prior issues with the plug-ins and copyright law that I was having still exist, and I will continue to work through them over the next week.

Rowing to Greatness Project Update, Module 7

This week, the work has been more offline than it has online.  I have edited some of the items in my exhibit with further details as I have found them.  I have spent quite a bit of time working on biographies (offline) of the individual rowers and coaches that formed the team.  After working with …

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Rowing to Greatness Project Update, Module 9

As the week has progressed, so has my project.  I have added a few more images.  I am also compiling more information for the biographies.  I have not been able to fiddle with the Omeka plug-ins, but I will continue to work on that aspect of the project over the next couple of weeks.  I …

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Rowing to Greatness Project Update Module 6

As Rowing to Greatness continues, I am compiling and adding new resources, such as images and audio files of the rowers.  I will continue to compile these resources over the next several weeks to keep making my project better. I am still struggling with the Omeka plug-in for Universal Viewer, so that I can be …

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Reflecting on Modules 4 and 5

Throughout Modules 4 (Collections) and 5 (Narrative Interpretation), the readings have been focused on the best ways to present our projects, and information to help us through that. In Module 4, the readings I found most helpful were about collections that have experienced trial and error, and how I can learn from their experiences.  “Why …

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Building Project Infrastructure

In planning for an online exhibit, the steps are extensive.  First comes figuring out what should be displayed in the exhibit.  Then assessing why certain things should or should not be included.  After that gets sorted out, playing with the design of the site comes next.  Within that, the creator must storyboard and plan, while …

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