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“Whose Public? Whose History?”

Ronald Grele begged the questions “Whose Public? Whose History” What is the Goal of a Public Historian?” in 1981 and the questions are still struggling to be answered today. Academics, historians, analysts, and technicians alike all vary in their definitions of what encompasses public history and when it began as a field.  Some argue that public history …

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Photography has helped capture moments in time since its creation over 150 years ago.  A baby’s first cry, the first kiss of a married couple, a killer shot on a goal by a hockey player, or a family’s last photo together, all can be captured by a photograph as a lasting memory of an event, …

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Defining Digital Humanities

Digital humanities represents the combination of the analog humanities with the ever-evolving technology involved in our world.  This field combines many different types of intellectuals and scholars in order to present the best of every field.  Computer gurus and historians can combine their talents for a digital version of a project that can be distributed …

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